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    Boatyard Ruyten is involved in everything that has to do with One Design keelboats. This includes restoration, hull optimization, deck layout and keel and rudder profiles.

    We have built up a reputation with the Yngling, for which performance, and exactingness of the Olympic sailors were significant over the last 8 years. The fierce collaboration between professional sailors combined with years of participation in international racing, has resulted in many experience and knowledge when it comes to looking for the best unique solutions for our clients.

    Meanwhile, Boatyard Ruyten has expanded the selection with the Streamline and the Melges 20, 24 and 32. One by one upper class quality boats made by shipyards who share our philosophy, and that succeed in combining capability and involvement flawlessly.

    We also provide in- and outdoor winter shed.

    You’re welcome to call or mail for more information, or to make an appointment. We would be pleased to assist.

    € 3.900,00
    Yngling NED 88
    € 5.250,00
    Yngling NED 151
    € 2.250,00
    SB 20 NED 3452
    € 10.950,00
    Yngling NED 340
    € 17.500,00
    Yngling NED 345
    € 8.500,00