• Ruyten One Design Keelboats Melges Yngling SB20
  • Ruyten One Design Keelboats Melges Yngling SB20

Osmosis treatment

Polyester laminate is not 100% waterproof and over the course of many years the moisture will damage the laminate. The gelcoat protects the laminate and therefore it is of great importance to keep the gelcoat properly clean and to treat any damage in a timely manner.

Osmosis is recognizable by little air bubbles on the hull of the ship which spread a strong scent when removed. These air bubbles contain remains of unhardened resin, hardener and contact cement on the glass mat. These remains have reacted with water. Because of this reaction, pressure is formed and therefore air bubbles appear on the hull.

Osmosis prevention

We are specialized in the prevention of osmosis en the removal of osmosis out of the polyester. We start the process with removing the antifouling paint and the gel coat. The skin gets scraped to the laminate, cleaned and checked for any damage. Subsequently, we give the hull enough time to completely dry, before we start the application of the first epoxy primer as a protective layer. We apply five layers in total before the antifouling gets reapplied.

Epoxy is 100% waterproof; the boat can last for years. Do contact us when you suspect the presence of osmosis.