Yacht polishing & painting

Generally, we recommend to keep the hull in its original state for as long as possible by using several kinds of polishes. Using modern and professional resources, white hulls are easily brought back to their original state. However, with discolored hulls this is not the case. Repairs are often problematic when the boats get older, because new gel coat is never completely the same color as the old gel coat. Especially then, craftsmanship is needed to limit the difference in color as much as possible. By using color analysis techniques, it is nowadays possible to almost completely match the old and new gel coat.

When polishing simply doesn’t do enough, painting is a second option. First, the gel coat gets scrubbed, so that the silicones and other disruptions are removed. Thereafter, two layers of putty are applied, to repair all the damage and to form a base for the paint. Dependant on the size of the surface, the hull gets painted by spraying or by using a brush. Your ship will be as good as new. We would gladly make a proposition for you.

Ruyten One Design Keelboats Melges Yngling SB20
SB 20 NED 3452
€ 10.950,00
Ruyten One Design Keelboats Melges Yngling SB20
Yngling NED 340
€ 17.500,00
Yngling NED 151
€ 2.250,00